Tired of winning, yet? ‘Man-made Global Warming’ hoax going down like the Titanic

8:01 pm February 8th, 2017

Don’t know if you noticed, but on Feb. 4, Britain’s Daily Mail revealed in a very splashy way that the Global Warming hoaxsters have been fudging their data AGAIN.

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Dante Scarnecchia wins yet another Super Bowl

3:27 pm February 6th, 2017

New England Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

There are other important things to post (the “man-made global warming” hoax continues to collapse — massively — for one thing), we’ll get to those, but it would seem a bit tone-deaf to write anything today without first mentioning the New England Patriots and their true Most Valuable Player, 68-year-old offensive line coach (and former assistant head coach) Dante Scarnecchia, who retired as boss of New England’s offensive line in 2014 but was coaxed out of retirement by Bill Belichick after the Patriots’ dismal loss in last year’s AFC Championship Game, in which New England’s offensive line was mercilessly pushed around by the Denver Broncos’ pass rush.

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Following up on Trump’s ‘falsehoods’

2:49 pm January 28th, 2017

First, CNN tried to claim the crowds came disguised as an empty field for Trump’s inauguration (viewed internationally on TV by 30 million — ho hum) by posting photographs of the crowd gathering to hear his noon speech — photos taken at 8:20 a.m. Jan. 20, when hardly anyone had arrived — and comparing them to Obama’s crowd — presumably taken at the actual moment of the failed community organizer’s final, 2009 inauguration.

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The unapologetic falsehoods of the increasingly discredited Associated Press

5:10 pm January 24th, 2017

In an otherwise unrelated Jan. 24 news story about President Donald Trump signing executive orders to get some major oil pipelines (purposely stalled by Barack Obama in his ongoing effort to cripple America’s energy industry and thus drive up our electric bills) back on track, The Associated Press couldn’t help themselves, adding:

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Kinsey; Crowley; Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll; MK Ultra, and . . . Pedogate?

7:31 pm January 19th, 2017

(Brunette here.) Are you old enough to remember when Alfred Kinsey‘s 1948 and 1953 reports on human sexuality came out? I’m not, although I do recall as a kid growing up in the ’60s that those reports were still stirring controversy. Never paid much attention until lately, when I stumbled across a Youtube documentary about Kinsey and his arguably dubious research methods. Some instinct told me I had to watch it, even though it’s nearly three hours long. Prepare to be disturbed — and perhaps riveted — if you can stomach it. Or here’s a shorter documentary, Kinsey’s Paedophiles (51 min.)

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The movie boys keep trying

10:01 am January 10th, 2017

(A version of this column appears in the mid-January issue of “Firearms News” — formerly “Shotgun News” — on newsstands and in mailboxes this week.)

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You think that you’re such a smart girl, and I’ll believe what you say, but who do you think you are, girl, to lead me on this way?

9:07 pm January 6th, 2017

Like schoolyard bullies — mouthing off, full of swagger till a grownup hies into view — the Politically Correct Democrats (from Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid down to the ill-read hairstyle peacocks strutting for the cameras at CNN and NBC) have been jeering at, ridiculing, and taking exception to Everything Trump for two months now.

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Have yourself a merry critter Christmas . . . :-)

4:24 pm December 24th, 2016


For several years now, we’ve opted for live trees that we could plant in the spring . . . here’s our little Xena standing guard, after I finished decorating. Had to be careful not to use glass ornaments or other breakables, thanks to our furry little helpers. 😉

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Pizzagate: Too evil to be true?

5:59 pm December 17th, 2016

No one wants Pizzagate to be true. (Brunette here.) When something’s “too good to be true,” of course, it usually is . . . but what about something that seems too evil — too horrific, disturbing — to be true?


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Donald Trump, military dictator (or: Dick Daring, boy reporter)

8:07 pm December 12th, 2016


I’ve been watching presidential elections for 50-some years now (scary as that number sounds.) I don’t ever remember seeing the kind of hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, downright shrieking we’re now experiencing over “the selection of the cabinet.”

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