They’ll say it’s ‘time for some serious questions’ . . . and then ignore all of these:

8:44 am August 5th, 2019

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‘In all these cases . . . the government agents showed remarkable patience’

10:23 am August 1st, 2019

On July 30, the web site Conservative Treehouse posted a report headlined “Lous Dobbs Interviews Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker” at . . . .

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If ‘No one is above the law,’ why aren’t any of the coup plotters in jail?

8:38 am July 27th, 2019

Truly Donald Trump is blessed in his enemies. Successful politicians of any party used to be generally cheerful, gregarious types, relatively tall, perky and handsome, the kind of hail-fellows (or gals) well-met you’d generally welcome to liven up a backyard barbecue, folks at least able to PRETEND your problems are their problems and nothing is more important to them than making sure your streetlight and your potholes get fixed.

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They hate Trump so much they’re willing to . . . give up the personal income tax?

11:07 am July 4th, 2019

Allow me to be the first to congratulate the citizens of the state of New York on the fact they are now one court case away from being forever free of their noxious, redistributive, initiative- and wealth-destroying state income tax.

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I’m sure it says in the Constitution ‘The President’s motives must be Politically Correct.’ Keep looking, it has to be in there somewhere . . .

10:25 am June 28th, 2019

The Supreme Court On June 27 — with Flopping Fish John Roberts joining the mostly geriatric liberals — ruled that, by law, the Commerce Department can place any questions it wants on its decennial Census forms, but then proceeded to remand the case of the supposedly controversial “citizenship” question back to the lower court, on grounds that Roberts et al. found the Trump administration’s “Voting Rights Act” justification for including the question “contrived.”

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How the gun-grabbers grabbed Nevada

10:01 am May 5th, 2019

(Note: This post originally appeared at the Web site of Firearms News — . Please patronize their advertisers.)

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And, of course . . . jail for those who refuse to turn in our guns

8:53 am April 20th, 2019

It’s been pointed out that in itemizing the current Democratic platform in my recent post “Faster! Lemmings can’t reach cliff fast enough!”, I omitted one plank which has done so well for the Democrat party in the past that they just couldn’t resist ramming it back in again for 2020: firearms confiscation.

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Faster! Lemmings can’t reach cliff fast enough!

12:56 pm April 16th, 2019

Don’t get me wrong: there remain plenty of Never-Trump, Country Club Republicans in Washington, fully paid off by Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber and the Globalist Wall-Street bankers — the characters who bought up all those American factories and shipped them, lock stock and barrel, to Red China.

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They took away the doughboy’s rifle

8:39 pm April 11th, 2019

(Note: This report was originally posted at the Web site of “Firearms News,” . Please patronize their advertisers.)

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But, but . . . I thought the ‘walls were closing in’

9:33 pm April 9th, 2019

I was pretty sure by the time I went to bed Monday night — even though not a single ballot had been counted — that Bibi Netanyahu was on his way to another historic victory in the Israeli elections.

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