It’s April, we’re back

4:39 pm April 2nd, 2017

And so March has sped by. The better part of a week was consumed trying to find someone at GoDaddy who could explain why their offer to convert this site to a “secure format”, um . . . didn’t work. (Seems a “plug-in” was required — a fact known only to one guy they keep hidden in the basement.)

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Congress can’t afford to dawdle on gun rights

8:44 am March 6th, 2017

The following column appears in the March 10 edition of “Firearms News” (previously “Shotgun News,”) on newsstands and in mailboxes now.

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No, let’s not ‘let it go.’ How much research did the Mainstream Media do before assuring us there’s ‘no vote fraud’ in America?

9:23 pm March 2nd, 2017

With more data now in hand, we return to the self-confident assertion of Michael Grunwald of the leftist/globalist Web site Politico, who wrote on Jan. 27 (at ):

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What’s weird is . . . this guy is no radical. What would they do with a radical?

10:00 pm February 26th, 2017

The American Left appears to have gone mad — and the Mainstream Press is gleefully helping paddle their canoe toward the cataract.

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Abandoning the last vestiges of even-handedness, the Legacy Press goes all-in to destroy President Trump

9:19 pm February 21st, 2017

As a 40-year veteran professional newsman, let me tell you the one thing the “Mainstream Media” will never tell you about Donald Trump’s accusations of their peddling “Fake News” and grossly hate-filled, prejudiced coverage:

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Seven accessories before the fact

3:33 pm February 12th, 2017

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The pendulum swings back toward freedom

6:15 pm February 11th, 2017

A version of the following column appears in the Feb. 10 edition of “Firearms News” (formerly “Shotgun News,” on newsstands now.)

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Tired of winning, yet? ‘Man-made Global Warming’ hoax going down like the Titanic

8:01 pm February 8th, 2017

Don’t know if you noticed, but on Feb. 4, Britain’s Daily Mail revealed in a very splashy way that the Global Warming hoaxsters have been fudging their data AGAIN.

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Dante Scarnecchia wins yet another Super Bowl

3:27 pm February 6th, 2017

New England Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

There are other important things to post (the “man-made global warming” hoax continues to collapse — massively — for one thing), we’ll get to those, but it would seem a bit tone-deaf to write anything today without first mentioning the New England Patriots and their true Most Valuable Player, 68-year-old offensive line coach (and former assistant head coach) Dante Scarnecchia, who retired as boss of New England’s offensive line in 2014 but was coaxed out of retirement by Bill Belichick after the Patriots’ dismal loss in last year’s AFC Championship Game, in which New England’s offensive line was mercilessly pushed around by the Denver Broncos’ pass rush.

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Following up on Trump’s ‘falsehoods’

2:49 pm January 28th, 2017

First, CNN tried to claim the crowds came disguised as an empty field for Trump’s inauguration (viewed internationally on TV by 30 million — ho hum) by posting photographs of the crowd gathering to hear his noon speech — photos taken at 8:20 a.m. Jan. 20, when hardly anyone had arrived — and comparing them to Obama’s crowd — presumably taken at the actual moment of the failed community organizer’s final, 2009 inauguration.

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