But only when their lips move

Time for another brief lesson in “translating what those Washington people say, back into regular English”

And this one has the added benefit of adding to our list of RINO Senators who have to be eliminated through Republican primaries at the earliest opportunity. (If their betrayed constituents want to go further, it might be a good idea to file a lawsuit, demanding that since these guys were supposed to be working for their STATES — not for Washington, D.C. — any pensions they receive must come from the state capital, not from Sodom on the Potomac. Then, go to the polls and enact referenda setting their pensions at “zero.” Trust me, none of these guys retire as paupers.)

Before a videotaped Jan. 4 White House meeting, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina — who gets his money mostly from big law firms and from a “Super Pac” called West Main Street Values, whose biggest donor is gun grabber Michael Bloomberg — explained his priorities to radio guy Hugh Hewitt. They include only small-scale wall construction –- he seems to think a quarter-mile of white picket fence might be nice — token “down payment” changes to the chain-migration system, and the reallocation of the 50,000 visa-lottery visas to business priorities (as in “businesses that give me lots of money and want to give your job to someone from India”), Graham explained.

“So here’s what’s going to happen,” Graham went on. “The diversity lottery is stupid -– literally drawing names out of a hat. President Trump is right. We need to replace that and take those 50,000 visas and use them more rationally. We need to secure our border with a wall component where it makes sense. The DACA kids, you know, need a pathway forward, those who are non-felons, and we’ve got to make sure you don’t have a down payment on chain migration. We’re not going to fix it all. We’re going to break it into two parts. But the first round, there will be a down payment on breaking chain migration.”

Yeah, that makes sense, Miss Lindsey. As in “So here’s what’s going to happen: We’re going to break this down into two parts. This evening, you’re going to get naked, and you’re going to allow me to tie you up and do nasty things to every orifice in your body. Then, sometime later on, in the ‘second round,’ at a time to be determined later, I’ll marry you. But in the first round, you’ll let me defile you in every way I can imagine, including with whips, toilet plungers, and branding irons, as a kind of ‘down payment’ to prove you trust me. Right?”

Pardon me for not being an idiot, but let me guess: the “second round” comes after the Democrats have recaptured at least one house of Congress in five to seven years, at which point Miss Lindsey will shrug and explain, “Hey, that was then, this is now. Who could have foreseen all this other stuff that’s happened in the meantime? Now, if we just had contgrol of the White House and both houses of Congress, THEN we could really get something done!”

If home invaders are about to rape your wife or daughter, do you “break it into two parts”? Or do you use both barrels of your 12-gauge to SOLVE THE ENTIRE PROBLEM RIGHT NOW? Though I suppose if you’ve been doing nothing while letting them rape your wife or daughter for THIRTY YEARS, Miss Lindsey’s approach may sound reasonable.

In that same Jan. 4 meeting with the president, Sen. Thom Tillis complained about public support for the wall, saying: “Shame on anybody for getting caught up in words. The wall, for example –when we’ve got the opportunity to provide a solution, achieve your objectives, and do something good for the DACA population, then I think we should.

Meaning . . . wait a second while I consult my dictionary of Washington double-talk . . . yes, here it is: Sen. Tillis means . . . “WITHOUT FUNDING THE WALL!”

After all, the “wall” is “just a word,” kind of like “due process,” or “shall not be infringed,” or “reserved to the states, or to the people.” Just “words,” you see?

Tillis and his ally, Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, are pushing their SUCCEED Act amnesty. In a press conference, Lankford said illegal immigration is a good thing because it promotes competition in the labor market with Americans.

Graham is trying to include some of their SUCCEED Act proposals in the Democrats’ DREAM Act, according to media reports. (Remember, all these guys claim to be REPUBLICANS, the party now led, at our behest, by DONALD TRUMP.)

Texas Sen. John Cornyn added: “Coming from a border state with 1,200 miles of common border with Mexico, my constituents in Texas all understand the importance of border security and enforcement. At the same time, they’re people with big hearts . . . And like you and like the rest of us who want to do the right thing by these young adults who came here as children, and I think we have a great opportunity.”

Did you catch that? Have you got it, now? When any official in Washington D.C. says they “understand the importance of border security and enforcement” – WITHOUT saying “. . . which means we’re going to build a great big honking border wall that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, including minefields, concertina wire, and machine gun emplacements, we’re allocating the money tomorrow and we’re going to start building within the next 60 days” . . . they are LYING.

How do we know this?

Back in 1986, these open-borders scumbags, who want to throw even more Americans out of work to please their big corporate donors -– and saddle us with a huge influx of low-skilled, non-English-speaking welfare cases who pee in the parking lots (not making it up, I’ve seen it in Las Vegas; these folks come from places without flush toilets), who send their earnings home instead of spending them back into the American economy, who vote Democrat (yes, by the hundreds of thousands; most of our voter registrars aren’t even ALLOWED to demand proof of citizenship — see http://truepundit.com/nevada-sec-state-dmv-instructed-employees-to-register-non-citizens-to-vote/ — and who will eventually lead us into a civil war, as eventually happens in EVERY nation that tries to harbor two peoples, two cultures, two languages -– got Ronald Reagan to sign an amnesty for a crummy THREE MILLION illegals, based on the solemn promise that said eminently trustworthy “one-worlders” would immediately and unrelentingly “secure the border,” honest Injun, cross our hearts and hope to die.

Ever since then, for MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS — while screeching that any and every “voter ID” proposal is a scam to prevent black Americans from voting, since they allege (not my idea, THEY allege) them colored folk just too dumb to figure out how to lay hands on an ID — they have earnestly insisted at every opportunity “Of COURSE we understand the importance of securing the southern border!”

So where did our current population of 12 to 20 million identify-stealing, job-stealing, election-stealing illegal aliens (and their grandparents) COME FROM? Do they come down in spacecraft from Mars while we’re sleeping at night?

I’ve sat in meetings with actual congresscritters who have told me, in front of witnesses, “Well of course the first thing we have to do is secure the southern border.” I promptly asked “Will you use minefields?” They look shocked, they gulp, they look around to see if men in white coats are coming to take me away. Finally they sputter and swallow and say, “Well, no, of course no one is talking about THAT!”

Why not? If the border was secure, who’d get blown up? A couple of jackrabbits? A wild boar?

When a Washington politician says “Of course we’ll secure the Southern border, but we don’t need to build an actual WALL; that would be silly, and much too expensive,” they’re LYYYYYING.

These are people who gave billions of dollars to the banks so they could . . . not do anything to help anyone with an upside-down mortgage. (Thanks, suckers! Want a free toaster?) These are people who flush a billion dollars down the toilet on some bogus solar-powered high-speed passenger-train-to-nowhere or handouts to Muslim hellholes that finance terrorists and vote against us at the U.N., before BREAKFAST! You really think they’re concerned about how much the wall will COST?

And we’re supposed to trust them AGAIN when they say “Yeah, sure, we’ll get around to securing the border, um . . . ‘in the second round'”?


Graham, Tillis, Lankford, Cornyn. Take down their names so we can remember to go piss on their graves. And as a courtesy, please do remember to decorate their piss-stained headstones with little Mexican flags, in memory of the country and the people they loved above all others.


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