Who decided to issue Mohamed Noor a gun?

7:11 pm September 11th, 2017

(a leftover from August)

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What If The Choice Is Between God And Government? From Where Does YOUR Authority Derive?

2:04 pm August 30th, 2017

(Brunette here.) Are you skeptical about religion? Yes? . . . me too. Are you equally skeptical of Atheism? (Ditto.) Atheism seems quite popular at present; I take no issue with individual atheists, though evangelizing atheists (evangelists of any sort, frankly) DO irk me. Faith is an extremely personal thing to those who possess it. In tossing religion out the window, does it concern you that God might get the boot too? Recently I’ve come to see that as a problem that affects Americans (and Western cultures) in numerous ways. Once you abandon the tenet of a loving creator, you also abandon the presumed basis of equality, for starters.

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We’re fed up, and we’re not going to take this much longer

1:57 pm August 25th, 2017

Axios — one of dozens of interchangeable, far-Left, statist Internet “news” sites — on Aug. 20 asked several White House aids, (anonymously, of course), why they stay in the service of Donald Trump.

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What do you get when you refuse to let a patient, reasonable, well-armed majority order a course change by winning an election?

8:59 pm August 13th, 2017

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Watching the Swamp Creatures Writhe and Die: Who’ll Make the Popcorn?

3:14 pm July 18th, 2017


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‘We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected’

9:59 pm July 17th, 2017


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On national reciprocity

5:36 pm July 7th, 2017

The hysterical Left (“Russian! He attended the same party as a Russian!”) may have missed it, but America didn’t just start its glacial shift away from the bizarre agenda of the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media with the election of Donald Trump.

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A Surprising Haven For Gays Fleeing the Regressive Left

6:44 pm July 2nd, 2017

(Brunette again.) With recent LGBT Pride Day celebrations fading from the headlines, especially since posting my last piece, I’ve found myself thinking about various stories I’ve read over the past year or two, particularly accounts of gay men coming out as conservative: They say — and I have no trouble believing them — that it’s harder than coming out as gay was. Their former friends and often family members tend to be liberal, as the liberals see themselves as defenders of LGBT people. But is that really true?

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Human Wrongs: Are The Most Vulnerable Voices To Be Silenced? Why? And By Whom?

4:56 pm June 27th, 2017

(Brunette here.) Tyranny heralds its arrival first through confiscation of speech — via Orwellian inversion of language, and/or suppression of undesirable voices ‘by any means necessary,’ whether subtle or brutal or BOTH. If you want to determine who the aspiring tyrants are in a given society, and who they intend to oppress, look around to see A) Who’s being told to shut up, (take note of what they’re trying to talk about!) and B) The ones telling them to shut up (take note of what speech they object to.) That’s why the first amendment precedes the second, no?

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Oh no! We want a recount! Send in the lawyers! Count the hanging chads!

9:06 pm June 20th, 2017

What could have gone wrong?

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