Human Wrongs: Are The Most Vulnerable Voices To Be Silenced? Why? And By Whom?

4:56 pm June 27th, 2017

(Brunette here.) Tyranny heralds its arrival first through confiscation of speech — via Orwellian inversion of language, and/or suppression of undesirable voices ‘by any means necessary,’ whether subtle or brutal or BOTH. If you want to determine who the aspiring tyrants are in a given society, and who they intend to oppress, look around to see A) Who’s being told to shut up, (take note of what they’re trying to talk about!) and B) The ones telling them to shut up (take note of what speech they object to.) That’s why the first amendment precedes the second, no?

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Oh no! We want a recount! Send in the lawyers! Count the hanging chads!

9:06 pm June 20th, 2017

What could have gone wrong?

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Hit-And-Run Leftism: A Response to [Redacted]

1:40 pm June 19th, 2017

Brunette here again. Guess I’m in an uncharacteristically chatty mood lately . . . not to worry, Vin will be back. And I’ll revert to my usual quieter self sooner or later. 😉

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Trump: Love The Man, or Loathe Him? (Or, The Art of The Real Deal)

6:16 pm June 14th, 2017

(Brunette again.) The fog of war — largely an information war — will eventually clear. We’ve been in the thick of it for some time now. The long dominant left-leaning media has everyone’s heads spinning with more Russia hysteria, spurious rumors based on anonymous sources, breathless speculations about who’s in or out (or at each other’s throats) in the White House, and stern clucking over Trump’s “Fake News!” tweets, or his latest “typo.” Covfefe was downright hilarious. 🙂

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Trump: Touchstone, or Rorschach Test?

6:14 pm June 6th, 2017

(Brunette here.) I’ll admit, initially I wasn’t a big Trump fan. I didn’t take serious interest in the Donald until after the Wikileaks Podesta emails (and Pizzagate/Pedogate) had broken. I’d never had much reason to think about the man, pay attention to him, take him seriously. But I’d always disliked the Clintons, and after watching the Clinton Cash Film via Breitbart (it’s still available to watch free here) I couldn’t stomach the prospect of another Clinton administration. OK, still no reason to get excited about Trump, but I did start to listen to his speeches — even followed the presidential debates online, which I hadn’t done in ages. I liked much of what he had to say. He began to intrigue me . . .

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Doubling down on disaster

2:10 pm June 4th, 2017

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Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged

6:29 pm June 3rd, 2017

So I don’t get it. With all these Muslims running around London Bridge Saturday, slashing people’s throats, why didn’t a few law-abiding British bystanders just shoot ’em?

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Should states that permit ‘concealed carry’ face boycotts?

9:34 am May 2nd, 2017

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Conspiracy convictions in Bundy standoff? Not a one

2:11 pm April 25th, 2017

A federal judge in Las Vegas declared a mistrial April 24 in the case of four men accused of taking up arms against federal agents during the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, The Associated Press reports.

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The Deep State begins to reveal itself

10:18 pm April 22nd, 2017

Lots of people refer to “The Deep State”; few will try to identify who they are.

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