OK, contestants: on to the intermediate round

10:45 am December 5th, 2014

As models on photo shoots generally go by their first names only, and the agency sending them out (“Ship us a redhead, a blonde, and a brunette, will you?”) would have little incentive to ask or keep track of the artist whose LP was in the process of being “jacketed,” I know of no definitive source of documentation for which models we’re looking at on these old record jackets. (See “These kids are going places!”, Nov. 18.)


Thanks to all of you who squinted at our last set of images and ventured a guess. (My computer ineptitude is legendary, but you MAY be able to bring up a larger version by double-clicking on these images.) Mary Tyler Moore and Doug McClure in the last group were pretty easy, I think, though I have no idea about Mr. McClure’s dance partner. I concur that the radiant face on “Day Dreams” could only be the future Princess Grace. Someone in Florida might remember the talented young lady who went water skiing with Lenny Dee in 1963; if so we’d love to hear a report.


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God made men and women. Colonel Colt made them equal.

8:36 am December 4th, 2014

The national media didn’t talk much about gun control as Barack Obama’s “irrelevant” opposition — the GOP that he saw no need to consult as he was forcing Obamacare down the nation’s throat — swept to a decisive victory in November.

No, Democrats and their handmaidens of the press prefer to pretend our elections are all about bad Republicans hoping to take away women’s access to birth control.

In Colorado, incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Udall, though backed with plenty of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control cash, was so devoted to this theme this election year that his opponents took to calling him “Mark Uterus.” Denver Post reporter Lynn Bartels wrote that if the Udall-Gardner Senate race were a movie, it would have to be “set in a gynecologist’s office.”

The Post, Colorado’s biggest newspaper, in October endorsed Udall’s challenger, Republican Congressman Cory Gardner, complaining Udall had “devoted a shocking amount of energy and money trying to convince voters that Gardner seeks to outlaw birth control despite the congressman’s call for over-the-counter sales of contraceptives.”

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The Testament of James, sixth excerpt

9:18 pm November 27th, 2014

Added to the previous five excerpts, posted on this site in recent months, the following takes the reader through the first 20,000 words – the first third — of Vin’s new novel, “The Testament of James,” now on sale at www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=14453647811 . Only 650 copies of the numbered, signed, hardcover first edition of ‘The Testament of James’ will be sold, at an introductory price of $32.50, limit seven copies per delivery address. Amazon Kindle edition also now available here. This material is copyright c Vin Suprynowicz, 2014, all rights reserved.




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New listings for your holiday shopping pleasure

6:43 pm November 27th, 2014

And so another holiday season arrives, another season we’re not supposed to call “Christmas” because we might thus offend . . . well, not exactly sure.

Non-Christians who don’t realize how funny it is that the church simply grabbed up the pagan Winter Solstice holiday, co-opting it complete with mistletoe and “Yule logs,” and announced it had something to do with the unknown date of Jesus’ birth?

Lighten up, gentlefolk. You can always sing your own lyrics, you know. “Oh come, all ye pagans, carnal and triumphant . . .”

Regardless, in honor of America’s season of fantastically mismatched college bowl games, generally featuring such crowd pleasers as the Boise State Broncos, the Bowling Green Falcons, and our personal favorite, this year’s Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl, in which the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders are tentatively expected to line up against the mighty Toledo Rockets at the 15,000-seat Thomas A. Robinson Stadium in Nassau on Christmas Eve (Robinson won gold and silver for the Bahamas at the 1958 Commonwealth Games. His teammates did not congratulate him, as he had no teammates. He was the team. As for Toledo, we always thought they were the mighty Mud Hens, though apparently that’s just the minor league baseball franchise. Better name, though), today we highlight an even dozen new or revised listings at the online version of the Cat’s Curiosities book shop, just in time for your online Christmas shopping (for which appellation you may of course substitute any alternative gravy-rich, gift-exchanging holiday of your choosing. “Festivus, for the Rest of Us!”)

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These kids are going places!

1:19 pm November 18th, 2014

Years ago, good-looking young people hoping to break into careers on stage or screen often started out as models, posing for fashion ads or even for record jackets, while waiting to be “discovered.” (James Garner started out modeling bathing suits.)


Those records still show up in the thrift shop bins, often ignored by those hoping to strike it rich with some Beatles rarity.


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Talk about the hypocrite from New York City

6:36 pm November 4th, 2014

It’s sort of like one of those old “Twilight Zone” episodes. What if you had a billion dollars, but you couldn’t use it to buy what you wanted?

With a net worth of about $34 billion, former Wall Street banker Michael Bloomberg is reportedly the sixteenth-wealthiest person in the world. He spent about $74 million each time he got himself elected Mayor of New York, an office he then tried to use to make all New Yorkers healthier by banning sugary soft drinks in large containers — stuff like that.

Mind you, New Yorkers could still buy all the smaller sugary soft drinks they wanted. But in the world of the left-liberals, it’s your intention that counts.

(The soda ban was overturned by a New York State Supreme Court Judge last year because it arbitrarily applied to some businesses while inexplicably exempting others, like 7-Eleven – “apparently those businesses with the political prowess to lobby for exemptions,” commented Karen Harned of the NFIB Small Business Center.)

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The Testament of James, fifth excerpt

7:13 pm October 29th, 2014

Added to the first four excerpts, posted this summer, the following takes the reader through the first 17,500 words of Vin’s new novel, “The Testament of James,” on sale now at www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=14453647811. This material is copyright c Vin Suprynowicz, 2014, all rights reserved.


“Times have changed, Mr. Hunter, even in Washington,” said the scented Egyptian. “Eventually, the codex will return to Egypt.”

“Assuming it exists, that is.”

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Thoughts on the occasion of the October moon

6:43 pm October 29th, 2014

(Re-posting Vin’s traditional Halloween column)

Halloween, the day when many an American parent will suit up the little ones in black robes, matching 17th century conical hats, and over-sized warty noses, sending them off to delight the neighbors with this impersonation of a witch, as traditionally represented from 17th century Austrian paintings of the Hexensabbat right up through Disney’s “Snow White.”

Even the newspapers generally play along, running the results of polls that ask Americans how many actually believe in such mythological creatures as ghosts, trolls and witches.

But witches are not mythological creatures, of course. They were the very real practitioners of a religion which pre-dated Christianity in Europe, and which had coexisted quite peaceably with the new Christian church for more than 1,000 years, from the Council of Nicaea until the fateful year 1484 A.D., under the quite sensible rule of the Canon Episcopi, which instructed Christian clerics through all those years that — in cases where sorcery or commerce with the devil was charged but could not be proven — it was the accuser, not the accused, who was to suffer the penalty for those crimes.

Needless to say, this held false charges to a minimum.

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How come they keep having these ‘elections,’ and nothing ever changes?

8:28 pm October 26th, 2014

For the most part, participating in “judgeship” elections is pointless at best, if not outright pernicious. Your participation will be interpreted as granting your consent and approval to what amounts to a huge, unconstitutional scam.

So far as I know, you can no longer become a judge in this country — with the possible exception of “Justice in the Peace,” restricted to handling minor misdemeanor matters in rural areas — unless you’re a lawyer and “officer of the court” who vows in advance to uphold unconstitutional drug and gun laws, et cetera.

I don’t mean you “can’t become a judge” because no one would vote for you, which would be a bad enough indictment of the current popular understanding of “limited government.” No, I mean you’re not even allowed on the ballot (or, in “appointment-only” states, on the list of three finalists submitted to the governor.)

Receive a pro tem appointment, announce you’re not going to convict or even bother to try anyone for any unconstitutional “drug offenses,” and see how fast your temporary appointment is revoked.

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Driving the Ranchers Off the Land, Part 6 of 6

11:47 am October 13th, 2014

(NOTE: a condensed version of this report appears in the Autumn, 2014 issue of “Range” magazine, on newsstands through Oct. 15.)


The federals contend they’re doing all this to “protect the threatened desert tortoise,” though I’ve documented again and again over the years (citing such experts as Vern Bostick) that government wildlife experts admit the desert tortoise is “at saturation levels” in the wild, and that all evidence demonstrates the tortoises do better when cattle are on the land, with the ranchers putting in drips and tanks and maintaining the water features.

In fact, the federally mandated Kern River Pipeline study found more tortoises on grazed land than ungrazed, but found the very highest concentration of the supposedly ”threatened” desert tortoise near urban back yards and golf courses. So saying we need to get ranchers and cattle off the land to “protect” the tortoise is like saying we need to level all the man-made buildings on Manhattan Island to “protect the threatened” pigeon, which in fact is eternally grateful to mankind for erecting all those wonderful window ledges.

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