You think that you’re such a smart girl, and I’ll believe what you say, but who do you think you are, girl, to lead me on this way?

9:07 pm January 6th, 2017

Like schoolyard bullies — mouthing off, full of swagger till a grownup hies into view — the Politically Correct Democrats (from Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid down to the ill-read hairstyle peacocks strutting for the cameras at CNN and NBC) have been jeering at, ridiculing, and taking exception to Everything Trump for two months now.

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Have yourself a merry critter Christmas . . . :-)

4:24 pm December 24th, 2016


For several years now, we’ve opted for live trees that we could plant in the spring . . . here’s our little Xena standing guard, after I finished decorating. Had to be careful not to use glass ornaments or other breakables, thanks to our furry little helpers. 😉

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Pizzagate: Too evil to be true?

5:59 pm December 17th, 2016

No one wants Pizzagate to be true. (Brunette here.) When something’s “too good to be true,” of course, it usually is . . . but what about something that seems too evil — too horrific, disturbing — to be true?


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Donald Trump, military dictator (or: Dick Daring, boy reporter)

8:07 pm December 12th, 2016


I’ve been watching presidential elections for 50-some years now (scary as that number sounds.) I don’t ever remember seeing the kind of hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, downright shrieking we’re now experiencing over “the selection of the cabinet.”

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A good election for gun rights

1:44 pm December 9th, 2016


A version of the following column appears in the Dec. 10 edition of the magazine Firearms News (formerly “Shotgun News,”) on newsstands and in mailboxes now.

The best news for gun rights in 2016 was, unquestionably, the election of President Donald Trump.

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Trying to read the Trump tea leaves

7:57 pm November 27th, 2016


Under our Nov. 21 post, “They expected to be ‘discussing access,’” John Taylor comments:

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God bless America

4:32 pm November 24th, 2016


Our traditional Thanksgiving column:

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They expected to be ‘discussing access’

5:18 pm November 21st, 2016


I’ve got to admit, I love it.

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The pollsters lied, the media lied, Hillary lied, America elects Donald Trump president, and the media respond by . . . lying some more

7:53 pm November 9th, 2016


I labored in the newspaper business for 40 years. I started out driving the delivery truck. I broke front-page stories as a twenty-something reporter at my first small-town daily in Willimantic, Connecticut, eventually working my way up to become an editor and then a 20-year columnist and editorial writer at a major metropolitan daily.

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The arrogant elite face their ‘perfect storm’

5:26 pm November 7th, 2016



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